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14 Amazing Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

14 Amazing Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

March 18, 2021 4 min read

Easter is around the corner, and as much as we love the holiday, we are definitely feeling a bit exhausted thinking about one more thing to improvise or plan this year. For example, what will Easter brunch look like this spring? Then add-on thinking up amazing Easter basket ideas for babies - or even Easter basket ideas for adults. Phew!

Before you drive yourself crazy trying to assemble Easter baskets for the aforementioned age groups, let us share our favorite Easter basket ideas for different ages with you! Whether you are making an Easter basket for a toddler, need some Easter basket ideas for cooped up tweens, or are searching for the perfect fun item to give to your partner, these unique items will bring a smile to your favorite some-bunny's face!

There are myriad ways to make this year's Easter basket experience memorable. You can start with our custom basket goodies, of course, and add a basket, card or personalized touches. Or if you're creating a basket for your significant other, why not fill the basket with candles, chocolate, and games for two

Easter is magical ... and so are our non-candy Easter basket ideas! 

14 Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

  1. Personalized Jellycat Bunnies - We hold a special place in our hearts (and in our store) for all things Jellycat, and we know you will, too. The absolute softest, and oh-so-snuggly, these personalized bunnies make the perfect personalized gift that will be treasured for years to come.
  2. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Thinking Putty is a high-quality, silicone based putty that is safe, non-toxic, and will never dry out. And the cool, collectible tins are designed for easy, mess-free storage!
  3. Whizzy Pull Back Car - The cutest pull-back cars ever! The colorful designs of Whizzy Pull Back Cars help develop color recognition, and stimulate imagination. Winner of the Independent Toy Award!
  4. Nee Doh - Globs of gratifying goo! These ultimate stress balls will help mellow your kiddos. Give them a squeeze, a squish, a pull or a smush. They'll soothe the soul. A great fidget toy!
  5. Block Chain Unicorns - Unlock their imagination with Block Chain! This set includes 3 unique puzzles, each with 3 different levels of play. Can you discover the solution to each unique brainteaser?
  6. My First Bananagrams - Perfect for pre- and early readers, My First Bananagrams uses lowercase letters to align perfectly with reading curriculums. Play with the whole family, and help your children grow a love for word games and wordplay.
  7. Diamond Scratch Art Stickers - Scratch the top layer of the scratch boards and watch the illustrations appear! Follow the instructions to create beautiful stickers, or freestyle to your heart's desire. Wonderful for ages 6 to 11 years!
  8. IQ Arrows - Follow the arrows to find the solution! IQ Arrows offers a whole new direction in puzzle games! Can you place all the puzzle pieces on the gameboard and point the arrows as indicated in your challenge? Featuring 120 challenges, from Easy to Expert.
  9. Big Bunny Plus Plus Tube - The BIG size is perfect for smaller hands or bigger ideas. This 15 piece tube set contains all the pieces to build a bunny. Suggested for ages 18 months and up, and endless fun for a broad range of ages!
  10. Artistic Aqua Craft Kit - A kit for making 3 animal-shaped hangings using stick-with-water balls (aka "aqua beads"). It's like magic! The ball beads stick to each other when they come into contact with water. 
  11. Ooly Writing & Art Supplies - Spark their creativity with Ooly pens, pencils, markers, and a lot more!
  12. Ooze Labs Science Experiment Kits - Fun and simple science experiments include ingredients plus the site for the experiment to take place, and storage for the final product. Introduce scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way!
  13. Thoughtfulls - Pop-open cards, each with a different, inspiring message inside. Your kiddos can share these cards with friends, loved ones, or anyone else who deserves to know how great they are! Beautifully packaged.
  14. Plus Plus - One shape, endless possibilities! Create colorful mosaics or work in 3-D to bring ideas to life. Plus Plus encourages fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination without the use of screens! Appeals to a broad range of ages.

It was so much fun to develop this list of fun Easter basket filler ideas (that aren't candy) for you. We hope you found Easter basket filler ideas you love!

Don't have the time to put it all together? Let us assemble your Easter baskets for you. Order your custom Easter basket goodies here!

A few reminders as you support our locally-owned business:

  • Don't see something you'd like to order from us in our online store? Email us with what you're looking for and we'll get it online ASAP!
  • If you live within 5 miles of either store, we're currently offering free home delivery! Ordering from elsewhere? We'll ship your Easter basket items to you!
  • Thank you for your business! We hope you are well.

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