25+ Fun Things to Do With Kids During Social Distancing

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
November 30, 2020 3 min read

As COVID-19 numbers increase again, and local and state guidelines to effectively implement "social distancing" return to being more stringent, we want to give you awesome and inexpensive ways to keep your kiddos entertained. 

If you and your partner are working at home, self-isolating in your home with your kids (some of whom are distance learning, while others may be starting to go stir-crazy), you might as well have a few tricks up your sleeve. 

How can you keep your children busy during this collective effort? Whether you're always a homeschooling, stay-at-home, or work-from-home parent, or you're new to this, we have plenty of resources to keep the whole family from coming down with cabin fever. 

Here are 25+ ideas for kiddos, to keep from going stir-crazy while social distancing.

Fun Things To Do With Kids During COVID-19

  1. Slime Time Activities: We love this printable, interactive book from Laura Kelly's Inklings, designed for creative thinking and writing!
  2. Star Wars Free Printable I Spy Game: I Spy games are pretty simple and, depending on the ages of your children, can last awhile. 
  3. Spring Bingo: This game includes images of all kinds of spring vocabulary words.
  4. Free Printable LEGO Challenge Game: As your kids build for each prompt, share their creations with us on Instagram!
  5. Free Printable Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: It's fun, easy to play, and sure to bring about lots of laughs! 
  6. Fun Memory Games for Kids: Memory games not only keep your children busy, they assist in improving focus and concentration, and sharpening thinking skills.
  7. Emoji Stress Balls: Making them together will be super fun.
  8. Easy Salt Painting: This activity is easy but provides a ton of fun for kiddos, without a lot of supplies.
  9. Butter Slime: This simple butter slime with clay is a blast!
  10. Awesome Sensory Projects with Baby Oil: A few projects and crafts you can create with baby oil.
  11. Rainbow Coloring Page: For warmer weather, and more days spent outside in nature!
  12. Watercolor Collage Carrot Decor: Decorate for spring and Easter!
  13. Kids Squeeze Ball: Stress ball, squishy ball ... whatever you'd like to call it! This will keep kids busy for hours, and it's so simple to make.
  14. Tie Dyeing with Kids: Tie dyeing is fun!
  15. Rainbow Toast: A fun breakfast activity.
  16. Adorable Tie Dye Preschool Flower Craft: An easy spring craft that will keep your little ones entertained.
  17. Hurricane in a Jar Activity: A fun little activity to help your children understand the hurricane cycle and its movements.
  18. Tinker Trays for Your Toddler: Tinker trays promote open-ended art creation, critical thinking, and process over product.
  19. DIY Moon Sand: DIY moon sand is a great way to keep your toddler busy. It's so much fun to play with, and easy to make!
  20. Colorful Bean Bags: Bean bags are a pretty quick project, and would be a fantastic gift for the primary teacher in your life when your kiddos return to school.
  21. Cinderella PrintablesA word search, clock craft, glass slipper dot-to-dot, line maze, and more. 
  22. Water Play for Toddlers - Fishing for Colors and Letters: Water play is a top activity in most homes with kids! Children absolutely love it. 
  23. Free Printable Coloring Page BookmarksThese coloring page bookmarks are a great way to stay busy, get creative, and encourage reading over an extended break from school! 
  24. Shark Chum Traveling Beanbag Toss Game: Perfect for everyday game playing fun. It is so stinkin' darlin'. 
  25. Decorate Kevin from UP: Looking for a super easy craft that your kids will love? Glue, googly eyes, and feathers! 
  26. Easy Homemade Play Dough Recipe for Kids: We love play sensory activities for kids! 

For more information about how to best support your children right now, bookmark our blog.

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