#Netflix: Surely There's a Better Option for Date Night!

Carah Killian
Carah Killian
February 29, 2020 3 min read

#Netflix: Surely There’s a Better Option for Date Night!

In my experience, you can only binge Netflix (or your streaming service of choice) with your significant other so much before monotony sets in. But what to do when the kids are in bed and all your activities are either kid-based or need more adults? Or for those who don’t have kids? Those 2-4 player games in your cabinet might be great with 4 players, but with only 2, you can forget about it. UNO? Reverse, reverse, draw 300, reverse, game over. Fortunately for me, my husband both loves games and knows who he married. Which means semi-frequent 2-player game testing with my significant other. Here are some of our favorite activities that avoid screens and let us connect:

  1. Pandemic: This has been my #1 go-to game for a while now, especially for 2 players. If you like games like Catan, you’ll love this one, too. And while you can play with 4, two is maybe the best way to play. Part of what makes this game so great is that it’s cooperative. The ultimate goal is to work together to save the world from the pandemic. One Christmas, I loaned my personal copy to one of my staff so she could learn how to play. After a couple weeks, my now-husband finally said to me, “When are we getting our game back? We communicate so much better when we play regularly.”
  2. Rubik’s Race: This is another fan-favorite, especially for a more competitive couple. Think slide puzzle race. Shake the puzzle “generator,” then race to complete the slide puzzle. First one done puts the divider down over their side to confirm the pattern matches and claim the win!
  3. CodeNames: Duet: This is another cooperative game. Full disclosure: I'm a much bigger fan of cooperative games – competition has never been my cup of tea. For this one, you’ll lay out a 5x5 grid of words with each of you trying to get the other to guess the set of words laid out on your side of the challenge card, using single word clues. Just be sure your partner doesn’t guess the Assassin word or it’s game over and you can start again with a fresh grid of words.
  4. Jigsaw Puzzles: Puzzles will always be a favorite of mine. 500-piece puzzles are generally a good size to work on over the course of a couple of evenings. Don’t have space to keep a puzzle out? Grab a Stow & Go Puzzle Keeper to tuck the puzzle safely away, as needed. And if you want to know more about my favorite puzzles? Click here.
  5. Chat Packs: These cute little packs come in a variety of choices – for kids, favorites, and the one I’m mentioning here: Chat Packs for Two. These mini decks come with dozens of questions designed to help you connect with your partner, or even friends. What are you waiting for? Grab a pack and dive into the deck of conversation-inspiring questions.

 When you're busying #adulting, sometimes you have to be creative in your dating life. Make it a priority to set aside at least one night a week when you turn off the screens and focus on being together. 

What are your favorite games for two?

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