Early Readers!
Create balance for your children with physical activities, critical thinking, exposure to new places and ideas, and lots of conversations to build confidence and vocabulary

By third grade,your child is reading to learn (as opposed to learning to read) so the whole world is now open to them!  This is a great age to expose kids to everything you can think of.  With their new-found lease on the world, social media and online games will begin to impact their time, their social circle, and their social esteem.

Children this age are able to play competitively with younger and older people when it comes to board games, puzzles, and cards.  Look for games that keep score and let them be your scorekeeper - this will build math skills and confidence!

Great Gifts:
  • Catapults & Crossbows Science Experiment & Building Kit
  • Circuit Maze Logic Game
  • Laser Chess Strategy Game
  • Braintopia Game
  • My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog
  • Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Set
  • Puzzles with 300+ Pieces
  • Remote Control Machines
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