Gamewright Sleeping Queens 2 The Rescue! Card Game



In Sleeping Queens 2 The Rescue! Card Game, the Pancake Queen, the Ladybug Queen, and their friends return with some new characters and a new mission to save the kings!

  • Play queens to rescue kings from a parade of perilous predicaments in this Card Game. Find a magical companion to aid your quest, but watch out for Wild Gnomes, Sleeping Willows, and the sneaky Switch Witch! Each player has a knight in front of themselves with a special power, but don't get too attached because if anyone rolls a dragon on the die, all the knights move left. Save the most kings and crown yourself the royal hero!

    • Ages 8+.
    • 2 to 5 players.
    • 20 minute gameplay.

  • Gamewright was founded in 1994 by four parents whose kids wanted great games. From the start, their mission has remained clear… to create the highest quality family games with outstanding play value. Guided by themes and experiences that transcend age and salted with a bit of irreverence, their games are designed to foster laughter, learning, friendship and fun.