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You Bet-Cha


You Bet-Cha! combines poker & trivia into one fun game night.

An amusing mix of knowledge, quick thinking and betting strategy, You Bet-Cha! is the perfect game for tabletop lovers, trivia enthusiasts and high rollers.

This game’s 100 custom poker chips, 6 dry erase markers and boards, 60 second timer, and 2 dice come in a durable game box strong enough to withstand years of use. The box’s handy insert is used for both storage and easy game setup.

  • Lively categories will have you competing to name everything from members of the Detroit Bad Boys to hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Don’t bet off more than you can chew, or you’ll be adding to your opponents’ chip stack.

    Who can name the most items in one minute?

    168 different categories to challenge your gray matter! Covering everything from pop culture to sports and everything in between.

    Three different game modes 

    Live Bet, Silent Bet and All Play. Be careful - if you bet off more than you can chew, you will be adding to your opponents' chip stack!

    Chip Stackin'

    Player with the most chips at the end of seven rounds is champion of the universe!

    For ages 14+.

    2-6 players. Have more than 6 players? No worries – simply form two teams with as many players as you wish

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