What qualifies as a favorite toy or game?

  • "Oh, wow!" factor
  • The item is exceptionally clever, interesting and high quality
  • It's a classic - this toy has longevity and will be enjoyed over time 
  • Customers who know the product, return to buy more
  • The staff purchase the toy!

Looking for gift ideas? Wondering if you're out of the loop as to what toys kids love these days? The search is over. Here are our favorite toys of the year for kids of all ages (and grown-ups, too). Each toy, gadget, or game has been approved by our toy testers. These amazing toys are mostly open-ended, allowing children to use their imagination and play for hours. Our favorites tap into creativity. They help develop skills. These toys inspire communication and cooperation. We love that so many of them do not require batteries. These are the hottest gifts to buy your kid.

It's playtime! From coding games to ride-on toys and science kits, toy makers are full of imagination and product designs are impeccable. We stock magnificently fun products entertain, educate, inspire, inform, and develop essential skills. We are particular about the toys that are stocked in our store, and the ones that stay, too! These are items your child will come back to over and over.

We love toys and we love to play! In our list of favorite toys, you'll find toys that engage children in the essential work of childhood - play. We stock toys that invoke wonder, celebrate inquisitiveness, and bring out adventure and discovery.

This list of favorite toys is constantly evolving. Here you'll find toys that span all age groups. Our Beyond the Blackboard team, enthusiastic kids, grown-ups, and educators have all given these items their stamp of approval. You can also shop by age via the menu above. We know you and your children will find something at Beyond the Blackboard. Now, go play!

    Shashibo $24.99
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    Black & White
    Blue Planet
    Optical Illusion
    Spaced out

    Buddha Board $34.99
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    Airfort from $49.99
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    Starry Night Glow
    Beach Ball
    Mod About Gray

    Tumbling Hedgehog $39.99
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    Slam Ships Sight Word Game $19.99
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    Lil Watercolor Paint Pods $12.99
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    Free Play Magnatab $24.99
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    IQ Arrows $12.99
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    Set Game $12.99
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    Doink-It Darts $29.99
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    Fruit Punch $10.99
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    Kitchen Chickens 1000 Piece Puzzle $21.99
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    DIY Little Fairies Wands $12.99
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    Express Yourself Hand Lettering Book $19.99
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    Feed the Woozle $24.99
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    Paper Bowls $19.99
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