Project Genius Head Spin Game



The Head Spin Game is a fast paced race of a game! Can your fidgety fingers figure out the color pattern before your friends do? 

  • Flip over one of 100 puzzle cards to solve over 200 brain teasing puzzles, turning and twisting your spinner to reveal the answer as quickly as you can over your landing pad. Each puzzle has a different degree of difficulty. 

    • Ages 12+.
    • 2 players.

  • Project Genius is focused on curation of quality puzzles, timeless design, modern sophistication and most importantly on the opportunity for each of us to discover our capabilities for ourselves. Like most of you, Project Genius enjoys the challenge of solving a clever puzzle, but they don’t want to play with a toy anymore, they want to surround themselves with artifacts that inspire their senses and stimulate their curiosity.