tenzi party


More dice, more friends, more family, more fun! Just like the original TENZI game but with six sets of dice instead of four, all new colors, and a nifty storage case. Create a fun fast frenzy for a crowd with the TENZI Party Pack!

Treat your family to a fun and addictive dice game that everyone will love. The goal of TENZI is simple. You need to get all ten of your dice to show the same number. With a fun collection of beautiful and colorful dice, everyone in your family can have their own personal set, and of course, a great family-fun game to enjoy night after night.

With this party pack, Tenzi can now be enjoyed with two to six players, and is really easy to play! Start together and roll all of your dice. Quickly pick out which number you want to try to go for. If you have three fours, for example, pick four! After that, it is a race to see how fast you can get the rest of your dice to match that number. Once you have all 10, you’ll want to shout out TENZI! To win the game!

There are also other great ways to play TENZI! You can play TENZI Tower, where you stack your dice as you land on your chosen number, Splitzi, where you go for two numbers (get five dice showing one number, the other five showing another number). Team TENZI where you play in teams. Mega TENZi with more than one set of 10 dice. Stealzi where you take another players dice that has the number you’re going for, or Target TENZI, where you need to decide on which number you are going to go for before you roll the first time! Time yourself, challenge yourself, mix and match rules, and make TENZI your own!

  • Features and Benefits:

    • Winner of ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids
    • The odds of getting all ten dice to land on one number in one roll are 10,0777,697 to 1
    • Six sets of dice per game
    • Actual dice colors may vary

    WARNING – Small pieces – not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

  • This item was one of our first 350 items on our new site. We believe it is one of the top toys for kids this year! Each of these items has been carefully selected to ensure it is creative, innovative and long lasting.