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Super Impulse World's Smallest Dance Dance Revolution Boardwalk Arcade Game

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The worldwide arcade game phenomenon from 1998 is back with a new way to play! Get your fingers moving to the music with the Dance Dance Revolution Boardwalk Arcade game.

  • This game features original arcade game play and three original songs with three levels of difficulty. Play along by following the prompts on the screen with “dancing” fingers. Put your friends to the test to see who can remember the iconic dance moves.
    The high resolution screen is complete with full color graphics and neon lights as you move to the beat. 

    • Ages 8+.

  • Super Impulse is committed to creating innovative toys and activities for kids and the young at heart. Whether it’s toys that adults remember from their childhoods or playthings that kids will recall fondly as adults, Super Impulse has “a little something” for everyone!