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Survival Science Lab

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Now is your chance to experiment with the secrets of the unknown wild nature.

  • The survival science kit comes with many chemistry, biology, and physics-based experiments for your kids to explore a magical world of science and survival. Give your kids the opportunity to explore a variety of survival hacks while having a blast.

    The Be Amazing science lab kit will teach your children fun and scientific survival hacks which they will be able to put to the test later on. Help your little adventurers build a water compass so they can always find north, make hand warmers so their fingers stay warm, and many more unique activities that will keep kids busy for hours.

    • includes: 1 solar oven for cooking outdoors, 3 plastic funnels, 1 cardboard funnel holder, 1 filter paper, gravel (20g), sand (20g), activate carbon (15g), 1 magnet, 1 needle, square aluminum foil (3”), superabsorbent jelly crystals (5g), iron filling (15g), calcium chloride (20g), 1 tube, 1 thermometer, aluminum foil sheet, 1 petri dish, 1 compass card

  • For over ten years, the product development team at Be Amazing! Toys has been developing unique, fun products for children. Their goal at Be Amazing! Toys is to make every child a hero as he or she discovers the wonders of the world around them and the joys of creative play. Children doing their activities are often overcome by contagious smiles and lots of “oohs and aahs.” Their award-winning products were developed for children from ages 4 to 99, for truly, the wonder of discovery is ageless.