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Mars Landing Survival Kit

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Make your own Martian colony with this Mars Landing Survival Kit!

  • Children will build a biodome, create Martian sand, witness germination, make a plant nutrient, create clean water and learn how plants produce air. Use the illustrated, full-color Education and Instruction Booklet to create a mini compost, make Martian “soil” and grow your plants! The booklet also includes a Daily Diary to keep track of plant growth. Once the plants grow, kids will conduct experiments to test water and air. The booklet includes seed suggestions, how to create safe compost, and the best scientific practice for planting seeds! Additional experiments will teach kids how to compare "breath” vs “air”, test for UV radiation, the effects of fossil fuels, and food cloning!

    • ages 8+.
    • adult supervision is recommended.
    • includes: gloves, mask, goggles, tweezers, 2 pipettes, red plastic tubing, tall measuring cylinder, 2 stick on scales, long red capillary wick, 2 bags of sand, sodium polyacrylate, calcium hydroxide, waste digester jar and lid, 3 test jars, universal indicator paper, 2 plant height scales, die-cut growing tower, split dish, molded base, large clear crater dome, medium black crater dome, small black nutrient tank dome, 4 UV beads, stickers.

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