Zig & Go by Djeco - Science Toys for Kids

45 Piece Set
28 Piece Set
27 Piece Set
25 Piece Set
48 Piece Set
52 Piece Music Set


Discover Zig & Go, the ultimate domino race set. It's chain reaction domino action with this fast moving activity toy. 

  • Build different layouts and tracks, start the action and watch the reaction. It's a big, beautiful, STEM building toy teaching cause and effect, action/reaction, potential energy, momentum and early physics, all through engaging play. One part science, one part art and 100% fun! Add all the sets together for the ultimate Zig & Go experience. 

    • Zig & Go 25 Piece Set: The entry level set. Knock over the dominoes, swing on the teeter totters and ultimately raise the flag.
    • Zig & Go 27 Piece Set Set the dominoes to send the marble down the ramp to knock the solid wooden ball around the corner.
    • Zig & Go 28 Piece Set Send the marble wheel down the ramp to trigger the wooden ball to run down it's track. Can you set the course to raise the flag at the end?
    • Zig & Go 45 Piece Set Start the car to drive the marble into the dominoes. The spinner sends a marble into the magic swirl funnel which sends the wheel down the track.
    • Zig & Go 48 Piece Set With the big 48 piece set, send the marble down the race track to push the roller down the ramp to get things started. One action leads to another as each feature is engaged. Can you put everything together just right so the final domino rings the bell?
    • Zig & Go 52 Piece Music Set Includes a gong, chimes, ramps, a bell car, and much more, plus instructions to build 3 models. 

  • Djeco is driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, making them want to continue discovering. Step-by-step booklets, little cards, decorative boxes, and hints guide children through activities, leading them to results that their family and friends will really love!