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All Star Kendama Limited

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Simple catches tied together with flips, stalls, and string tricks allow for a martial art type movement and the ablility to build one’s own style and creativity.

  • All tricks have names to resemble the movements. Bottom line is that Kendama is useful. It is challenging, addicting, and overall enjoyable. You get the same feeling of success with every trick as the first time landing an ollie and then progressing to a kickflip. It is a step by step progression.

    Practicing Kendama also makes you think. In order to master the complicated tricks, you have to come up with a strategy and control your hand movements. These activities stimulate the frontal lobe, which is a necessary part of the brain for thinking, controlling body movement, controlling memories, and communicating with others. Practicing kendama can stimulate this frontal lobe.

  • The V23 line is inspired by one of the greatest basketball players of all time, #23 himself. With inspiration from Michael Jordan's most iconic jerseys from across his career, these kendamas are a testament to a true legend.