Arts Robot Spiral Factory

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Build your own Arts Robot Factory. Recycle and hire a Tin Can as your factory worker. Instruct it to create various spiral works of art for a museum. Comes with a deck of cards.

  • Eyes & Mustache: Snap the Eyes into the Nose Frame, and insert the Plug into the slot on the Mustache, and then into the Nose Frame.

    Marker: Remove the marker cap and place shaft into the pen buckle. Then place the tip to the paper.

    Rocker Arm: Insert pen buckle into rocker arm,then connect everything to power base. Attach the robot legs to the power base, and pay attention to its position.

    Power Base: Open the battery compartment, then insert batteries according to the polarity signs.


    When we adjust the combinations of the hole and conveyor dish, and the distance of the pen buckle, the spiral patterns change. Spirals are everywhere. We find them in ancient Aztec ornament pattern, as well as in modern architecture.

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