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Atmospheric Turbo Racer Car

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Build your own air-powered racer and learn about atmospheric pressure in the all-in-one science learning kit. No batteries required! Insert the front wheels into the front axels and secure with screws. Snap the bottle hoop in the bottle’s grooves while aligning the front and bottle hoop.

  • Wheels: Attach both front and rear tires to their wheel hubs.

    Bottle: Put the leak-proof gasket tightly into the bottle cap in the rear component.

    Front: Insert the front wheels into the front axles and secure with screws. Snap the bottle hoop into the bottle’s grooves,while aligning the front and bottle hoop. Once set, secure with screws.

  • PlaySTEAM products are aimed to let children learn science through play. Each product includes a full color booklet, not only guiding kids with installation instructions, but also inspiring them with related science facts. Their kits don't just teach - they spark children's curiosity to explore the world.