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Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods

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Which creature will you discover? Turn your kids' love of collectible toys into a real-world science adventure with the Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod!

There are 35 mysterious Beaker Creatures to find and collect, including the limited edition 24-karat GOLD creatures!

  • Each Reactor Pod comes with a mini-poster filled with real-world science facts inspired by the Beaker Creatures and their planets! Learn about all 5 Beaker Creature families including the Frostonians, Oceanites, and the Buglettes!

    Each pack includes 1 Reactor Pod with mystery Beaker Creature, 1 classification and 1 mini-poster with amazing science facts. Ages 5+.

  • Each bubbling Reactor Pod is perfect for use with the Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab