Blind Date with a Puzzle - Kids Puzzles


Stay for awhile and go on a blind date with a puzzle! Your date will be one of our favorite Ravensburger puzzles. Select from a variety of sizes, hand-wrapped by Team BTB. See option descriptions below.

  • All sales final.

    Option 1 (Floor puzzle) - Pick me if you: Enjoy family films, Have a preschooler, Say “Ka-Chow” when you start your car

    Option 2 (60 piece) - Pick me if you: Have a preschooler, Have India on your bucket list, Love wildlife!

    Option 3 (60 piece) - Pick me if you: Have a preschooler (who’s ready for a challenge), Want to bring science to life, Like solving spacey puzzles

    Option 4 (300 piece) - Pick me if you’re into: Dragons, Protecting your realm, Magical Worlds

    Option 5 (Escape Room Puzzle) - Pick me if you’re into: Puzzles and games in one, Exciting story lines, Riddles

  • Going on a blind date with a puzzle helps you discover new designs of puzzles to love. This also provides for a new and exciting way to get your puzzle on. Blind dates may be rough when it comes to people, but with puzzles you're bound to find the perfect fit!