Bruder® MACK Granite Tow Truck with Bruder Roadster

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The MACK Granite Tow Truck is a spot-on replica of the real thing!

  • The incredibly realistic driver's cabin features doors that can be opened, an engine bonnet that can tilt to provide a view of the engine block, rear-view mirrors that fold out, and a chrome look that give this truck a true feast for the eyes of every truck fan. When used as a garbage truck, this truck manages to fascinate children with recycling and waste management. The small colored dustbins can be emptied using a fully functional dustbin lift. As in real life, a working press transports the garbage to the interior loading container, which can later be emptied by tilting the tailgate; the tailgate will lock in place when opened.

  • Children at play are at the heart of everything Bruder does. Playing is not an end in itself, it enables children to gain experience for their development in the adult world. Bruder products are developed as “model-like toys” to foster this premise. Model-like toys encourage role play while simulating real environments and creating an understanding of context by physically grasping the situation.