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Bugs in the Kitchen

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Ugh! There’s a bug loose in the kitchen and you’ve got to get it out! Roll the die and pivot corresponding pieces on this 3-D maze board to trap the creepy crawly Hexbug® nano® before your opponent does.

  • Get the bug first and you win; leave it loose and go buggy in this fast-action game of extermination!

    How to Play:

    Players take turns rolling the die and quickly moving corresponding utensils on the board to redirect the Hexbug® nano® toward their traps. Play continues until one player has trapped the bug.The first player to trap the bug 5 times wins the game!


    • 1 Special Edition HEXBUG(c) nano(c)
    • 3D Game Board with 24 Moving Utensils
    • 18 Bug Tokens
    • 2 Doors
    • 1 Die
    • Instructions
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