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Butterfly Fairy - Klee Kids Natural Mineral Makeup Kit

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Nature's goodness is celebrated in Klee's lush botanical garden where Butterfly Fairies flutter and flourish. Nasty chemicals stand absolutely no chance!

  • The Butterfly Fairy makeup kit for kids includes the Purple Flutters eyeshadow, the Butterfly Wings blush, lemonade and raspberry lip shimmers, a powder brush and applicator.

    • Ages 3+.
    • Gentle and Non-Toxic.
  • We curl our hair with our little fingers, paint our nails with markers, put lipstick on our kid brother, dust on too much blush. When we are old enough, we use the little pocket money we have to buy our first lip gloss and eyeshadow. Without telling mom. And that’s just part of growing up. At Klee Naturals, their mission is to make all these special moments safe.

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