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Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering Kit

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The Perfect Artsy Gift for Teens and Grown-Ups (and probably some tweens, too).

  • Our Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering Kit includes:

    • Express Yourself Hand Lettering Book- The perfect gift for budding artists, writers, and doodlers, or any kid (or grown-up) who is inspired by all the amazing hand lettering they see online.
    • Brilliant Brush Markers - Beautifully broad strokes or finely detailed lines; the choice is yours with this set of soft brush tip markers that will elevate your marker art like none other.
    • The Ink Works Markers - Create masterful calligraphy, beautifully artistic brush strokes, and even highly detailed sketches and fine writing all with just one set of black ink makers.
    • DIY Sketchbook - This simple white sketchbook is great for holding all of your amazing creations.
    • Mini Buddha Board - Perfect for those wishing for a Zen escape at all ages, as the designs magically disappear, leaving a blank slate behind making it a fun, mess-free way to unleash your creativity.
    • Creative inspiration  -
  • Amy Latta, the author of this sketchbook, is such an inspirational creative she makes you feel like you too can create art!