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Corners Up

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Are you clever enough to collect the most corners? Planning, timing, and luck combine into one thrilling challenge with the tricky game of Corners Up!

  • Each player gets 20 game pieces of one color. On each turn, players have to place one of their pieces adjacent to or on top of the other pieces within a 4x4 grid, building a pyramid as they go.

    When a 2x2 square is completed, whoever has the most pieces within that 2x2 square gets to place one of their pieces on top of those four. Can you trick everyone else into providing you with the best moves?

    The game continues until the last piece of the pyramid is placed. Then, start counting up the corners. - Whoever is occupying the most corners wins the game!

    • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, strategy, critical thinking, problem-solving
    • Includes 80 stacking pieces (20 of 4 colors), as well as detailed game rules and instructions
    • Made of high-quality materials for lasting durability
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