Day Trip to Nantucket 1000 Piece Puzzle


Color in 3 dimensions. A beautiful and profound work by artist Jeff Hanson, "Day Trip to Nantucket" captures the beauty of vibrant and rich summer wildflowers. Nature's tapestry can be organized and messy in a way that instills awe and defies many from recreating it with such purposeful specificity.

  • Jeff Hansen has done just that as his unique and tactile approach to painting creates depth that abounds with exuberant color. This is a puzzle that once complete one may never want to take apart. Make this puzzle a new fixture in your home, or on your wall to enjoy its beauty for years to come. Jeff Hanson is an award-winning, philanthropic artist on a mission to change the world through art. Visually impaired since childhood from neurofibromatosis, Jeffrey's acrylic-on-canvas works employ bold color and heavily sculptured texture to create a signature style. Jeff believes "Every act of kindness helps create kinder communities, more compassionate nations and a better world for all...even one painting at a time."

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