Gloplay Dinosaur Stickers

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Brighten a dinosaur lovers' room with the Gloplay Dinosaur Stickers.

  • For the best results, stick Gloplay decals in a location where they will be exposed to bright lights when lights are on. Keep the decal surfaces clean to best maintain their original brightness. Remove decals gently, avoiding any damage to your walls.

    • Full charge after 10 minutes of light exposure with sunlight / 30 minutes with room lights only.
    • Includes: 1 Volcano, 1 Tyrannosaurus, 1 Stegosaurus, 1 Triceratops, 1 Brachiosaurus, 2 Troodon, 3 Pteranodon, 3 Bones, 4 Rocks, 8 Leaves, 1 Tree, 1 Egg, and 3 Footprints.

  • Brighter than any other glow-in-the-dark stickers available on the market, GloPlay stickers draw their power from high-quality phosphorescent materials. These are stickers that will light up any dark space, adding tremendous vibrancy to even the most closed-off area – day or night. With glow-in-the-dark tech so strong, we guarantee you are going to love it. At GloPlay, their mission is to bring their cutting-edge glow-in-the-dark technology to new environments, audiences, and lifestyles.