DIY Miniature House: Simon's Coffee Shop

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Test your skills and find out if you have what it takes to become a true master of the miniature with the DIY Miniature Model Kit: Simon's Coffee Shop.

  • Bring to life your own cozy corner of the world! Beautifully designed and filled with amazingly intricate details that warm the heart and fascinate the imagination, this unique model of a homey little coffee shop will bring nothing but joy to any bookshelf or desktop.

    But... building it is not going to be easy...extreme concentration, immense attention to detail, untiring patience. It's going to take all of that and more to perfectly complete each and every detail, from the shelves packed with supplies to the little plant on the piano. But don't throw in the towel just yet! It's going to be a challenge, but rest assured, nothing compares to the sheer sense of accomplishment you'll feel once it's finished!

  • Hands Craft is located in Los Angeles, California and is all about bringing fun, creative, and educational wood puzzles that both kids and adults can enjoy. All of their puzzles are made from natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic wood. They offer DIY puzzle kits that require no additional tools or glue so that you will be able to enjoy without any hassles