Djeco Joy Box Bundle for ages 2 - 4


Djeco has partnered with family Toy stores across the globe to bring you these amazing "Joy Kits".  Djeco, a family business passed down from mother to son, will ship these kits directly to your door!  Djeco'smission is to nurture creativity, boldness, and passion.   You are sure to spend hours enjoying the activities in each of these four kits.  This first kit is especially for ages 2- 4.


  • This set includes:

    • Farm Friends progressive puzzle:  These puzzles for very young children include 6 different puzzles ranging from 9 - 15 pieces each.  Great for multiple children playing together.
    • Little Game-Little Action:  Tt's party time in the jungle and the animals want you to play.  Balance a character on your head, toss the animal in the air and catch it again, stack the animals one on top of another.  The challenge cards will keep everyone playing and laughing.  Great for 2-5 year olds.  2-4 players.
    • Head to Head stickers:  Stickers for 18m+ WHAT?  So cool because there is no backing to the page, simply lift the stickers off easy-peasy.
    • Wooden Magnetics-Portraito:  51 engaging and creative mix and match magnets for the curious and creative toddler.
    • Collages for Little Ones:  Create beautiful artwork with this complete papercraft kit; includes everything you need including 4 picture boards, 100 paper elements, and glue. Hang it, frame it, send it to Grandma. 
    • Pretty Little Things Tattoos:  An essential in every child's life, but did you know these work on Easter eggs too? Get crafty!
    • Hidden Garden - Paint With Water:  A genius idea - art is revealed when you swipe the water-filled pen across the page, reuseable; simply allow to dry and paint again!

    Individual items are not sold separately.

  • From their family to our family, and now on to you. We are all in this together!