Duncan Butterfly XT YoYo - Intermediate Level



The Duncan Butterfly XT YoYo is made with a level of quality that will withstand wear and tear that comes with learning how to yoyo.

  • The Butterfly XT YoYo has a flared body shape that is ideal for performing string tricks. The wide string gap makes landing the yoyo on the string much easier. This classic toy features a steel metal axle for smooth performance and fast spins.

    The Butterfly XT YoYo is one of Duncan's beginner yoyo models, specially designed for learning the basics.

    • Ages 6+.
    • Made of durable plastic.

  • Duncan is one of the oldest and best known toy makers. For over 85 years, Duncan has crafted classic toys for every generation. They are committed to engaging children of all ages and all generations with top quality toys. Whether you are shopping for your child or for your own inner child, Duncan believes that their toys will help you find your inner fun.