Essential Taste Glass Straw 9.5mm 8inch

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Do you enjoy the clean lines and smooth designs that define classic tastes? Then our Essential Taste line of glass straws is for you!

  • Wondering how easy glass straws are to clean?  These glass drinking straws are made with high-quality borosilicate which helps make them extremely durable and also Dishwasher safe.  No dishwasher?  That’s ok because there is an included cleaning brush to help with those extra cleans. 

    Packaging is all eco-friendly.

  • is a family business, a husband and wife team that is here to help EVERYONE end their relationship with single use plastic straws. They have been on a mission to help since around 2011 (that is when they began pursuing it full time) and haven’t looked back! They love what they do and are honored to help people become more aware of the effects we have on the planet. They see how plastic straws are used for a short period of time yet they are here forever.  Being parents of a teenager and toddler, they want to make sure that the oceans, and frankly this planet, is clean and healthy so they can enjoy it. They see glass drinking straws as the first step towards a life lived with less waste.