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Fanciful Fairy Garden Biosphere Terrarium - Science Kits for Kids

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Grow your own fairy wonderland and discover the magic of gardening with the Fanciful Fairy Garden Biosphere Terrarium!

  • Designed with superior drainage and side ventilation, this unique biosphere terrarium makes it incredibly easy to plant, germinate, and grow an enchanting variety of vibrant plants and flowers. These beautiful plants are quick to sprout and guaranteed to grow!

    This science kit for kids also comes with sparkling fairy stones, rose quartz, a unicorn figurine, and special fairy plant stakes!

    • Ages 4+.
    • Measure around 9.5" by 5.5" by 9.5".
    • Detailed grow and care instructions included.

  • Silver Circle Products specializes in toys inspired by nature. Their unique kits bring people closer to the natural world around them through fun, whimsical, and educational
    themed terrariums! They are quick to sprout, easy to grow, and loads of fun!