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First 100 Words

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Roll the soft dice and find the pictures!

  • Place the cards around the room. Roll either die, then look for either the matching category card or the number of cards. Kids identify words on the cards as they collect them and are introduced to simple counting, social skills, and 100 first words.

    Adults can get in on the act by asking children to find objects and giving hints along the way.

    We are thrilled to announce the first-ever games based on the First 100 brand. Our new First 100 games take this experience to the next level as kids engage in hands-on learning activities that teach vocabulary, counting, shapes, and much more. Based on the #1 bestselling board book for toddlers.

    1 or more players, ages 2 and up.


    • 50 Double-Sided Picture Cards
    • 1 Soft Number Die
      1 Soft Category Die
    • Instructions 
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