Flamingo Plush


Look at that flamingo! This striking pink plush pal with realistic details is sure to turn heads. Standing an impressive four-and-a-half feet tall, this lifelike bird's soft, squeezable body covered with silky feathers encourage hugs and cuddles, while quality construction and a strong interior structure keep it standing proudly for years to come. The flamingo's stilt-like legs stand on an oval two-foot-long base for extra stability. Kids' imaginations are sure to take flight with this beautiful feathered friend by their side!

    • Standing lifelike plush pink flamingo stuffed animal
    • Stands more than 4 feet tall on a 2-foot-long oval base for extra stability
    • Realistic details include stilt-like legs, curved beak, silky feather
    • Soft, huggable body, quality craftsmanship, and strong interior structure
    • 3+ years
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