To beat a Hacker, you have to think like one. Can you outsmart cybercriminals Defend the world from cybercriminals by joining the white hat hacker team Oblivion! Play the role of a coder, hacker, and security engineer in 40 beginner to expert challenges.

  • Program your agents to collect data chips while avoiding viruses and alarms. As you discover how a hacker can damage your programs, you will learn how to secure them from future attacks! Each of the 40 challenges includes three phases of play for a total of 120 coding puzzles. Reinforces visual perception and reasoning. Teaches concurrency and security mindset and develops skill in logic and problem solving. 

    Awards: Mensa Mind Games Finalist

    Ages 10 and up

    1 or more Players


    • Game Grid
    • Control Panel
    • Challenge Booklet
    • Solution Booklet
    • 12 Tokens
    • 27 Game Tiles
    • Instruction Manual
    • 6 Token Stands
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