Holla! Graphic Graphite Pencils

Get a flash of color and shine in your hand with every stroke you make with the Holla! Graphic Graphite Pencils! These shiny holographic pencils reflect funky vibrant rainbows no matter which way you hold them.



    Each of the 6 Chunky #2 pencils in this colorful and stand-out graphite pencil set comes with a super cool black wood barrel. Holla! Graphic Pencils are also easy to hold because of their triangle shape and each has a unique self-empowering quote to help keep you inspired while you work. You can sharpen them with the Mighty Pencil Sharpener too. Try these holographic pencils for quick sketching or artful writing, all in gleaming style. The only limit to what they can create is your imagination, so let them flow!

    • Set of 6 chunky graphite pencils
    • Quotes on each iridescent holographic barrel: good vibes only, unicorn tamer, be-you-tiful, mermaid charmer, love yourself, daydreamer
    • Triangle barrel - provides easy grip and does not roll
    • #2 graphite pencils - great for drawing or writing
    • Black wood barrel - stands out in the hand and in the pencil bag
    • Suitable for ages 3 and up
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