Crazy Aaron's Hot Head Angry Thinking Putty - Fidget Toys



Take a moment to chill out. Turn your frustration into fun with this Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.

  • Crazy Aaron's Hot Head Thinking Putty burns a fierce red and gets more and more resistant with each stretch to absorb your tension and keep you calm, cool and collected. This amazing putty actually absorbs your tension to leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

    Crazy Aaron's putty is non-toxic, won't dry out, and won't leave a sticky or slippery residue on your fingers, so it's great for stretching, molding, bouncing, tearing, popping and playing by kids and adults alike.

    • Ages 8+.

  • The Beyond the Blackboard team loves Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty for many reasons. Thinking putty is a great tactile and sensory toy that helps us think as we mash, stretch, and twist. Crazy Aaron’s putty is packaged with care by many exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical abilities.