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In-Sand-ity Game

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In-Sand-ity is a game of flipping sand timers to try and keep them all flowing the longest. Flip fast to run out the clock!

  • Each sand timer is filled with a different amount of sand. Set the clocks to however long you want the game to last and then start the game by pressing your time button and flipping all the sand timers over.

    Using one hand, you've got to keep the sand flowing by flipping and moving the timers to an empty space one at a time.

    Stay focused and move fast... The instant a timer runs out, your opponent gets to hit their button to stop your time and start theirs before jumping right into the sand-flippin' action.

    Whoever can run out their clock first wins the game!

    • Includes 5 sand timers, 2 sand timer trays, digital timer device Detailed game rules and instructions
    • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
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