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Funsparks Jazzminton Sport - Outdoor Toys

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Jazzminton Sport is the all new, first ever, competitive paddle birdie and ball game that will have you playing for hours.


    Jazzminton Sport is an outdoor game that is fun for people of any age and skill level. If you are highly skilled in a racquet or paddle game, you will love it. Due to the birdie technology, the birdie adjusts to the player's skill.

    This game is fast to set up, only taking a couple minutes to assemble. The included manual has easy to follow instructions plus a comprehensive video is available online.

    • Includes: steel frame net, 2 paddles, 16 birdies, 8 balls, a carry bag, and an instructions manual. 
    • Can be played indoors or outdoors. 

  • Funsparks is family owned and was founded in 2010. Their slogan is "Have Fun with Others and Enjoy Life" and we stand by that 100%. Building on and creating relationships with others builds character, opens opportunities, keeps you young and establishes lasting memories. Get out there, have some active fun, form relationships and don't take life too seriously.