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LumieWorld Bunny LumiPets - Night Lamp Companion

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LumiPets are the most technologically innovative, kid and parent loved childhood companion offered on the market today.

  • With its changing lights and modes, LumiPets offer all-day play, engaging color learning, and hours of endless fun!

    All LumiPets bedtime lamps come with a battery that will last about 12 hours of continuous use. Children can play with it all day, and then fall asleep to its gentle light before it runs out. This also makes it a great option for travel. The light will last all day in the car or on a plane ride, before being charged at the evening's destination via USB.

  • At LumieWorld, their mission is to bring the world of illumination to children and parents. They design their products to guide children with security and support to learn and adapt to their sleeping routines.