Splash Magnetic Art Easel

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When it comes to writing or drawing, the wooden board is a must for children's rooms!

  • From the age of 3 onward, the desire to write and to produce drawings that get better every day is increasingly present in our children. To make things easier and make it look like school, there's nothing better than a double-sided board on which the little ones can familiarize themselves with felt pens on the whiteboard as well as chalks on the blackboard! The white side is magnetic, so you can also play with letter magnets. The legs of this children's board are adjustable from 91cm to 126cm (35.8" to 49.6") to allow them to use their board for longer! The board is also foldable for easy storage.

    • includes: 6 round colored magnets, 10 chalks, 1 black dry erase marker, 1 roll of paper, 1 chalkboard brush and 3 plastic paint trays.
    • dimensions: 58cm x 65cm x 126cm (22.8" x 25.6" x 49.6")
    • ages 3+

  • Janod is a French brand specializing in the creation of traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard. Janod Toys has stood the test of time by adapting to the needs of children discovering their toys for the first time, and the memories of their parents who have grown up with them.