8" Mini Panda - Ecokins

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It is quite pawsible this panda stuffed animal is the cutest toy around! With its black and white fur, and eyes peeking out from under its ‘mask’, this 7 inch plush toy is unbearably cute.

  • Pandas, native to western China, spend most of their time snacking on bamboo. They actually have an extra digit on each paw that acts as a thumb, helping to strip bamboo for eating. Usually spending about 12 hours of their day feeding, pandas can strip up to 12 kilograms of bamboo in one day. Despite growing to around 5 feet tall, pandas are actually born a very small 6 inches long -- no longer than a pencil! Pandas are also born blind and pink and the fur grows in as they grow up. Your panda plushie will come with its black and white fur already intact, and it’s easy to keep it that way -- this cute plushie is made with high-quality and durable surface-washable fabrics for easy cleaning! Fun fact about pandas: their scientific name is ailuropoda melanoleuca, which means “black and white cat-foot”.

    • Ecokins are made from 100% fabric and plastic fiber fill.
    • Embroidered eyes and nose.
    • 7 water bottles are used to make one 8” Ecokin.
    • Recycled paper hang tag with cotton string instead of plastic tagger.
    • Biodegradable packing.
  • Wild Republic was created to connect their founder’s love for children and wildlife.

    Their mission has always been to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature. An important part of their mission has always been to ensure the Wild Republic brand of toys and stuffed animals adhere to the strictest of toy safety standards not only for the US, but also for worldwide distribution.

    Due to environmental concerns around the globe, their are taking the next step in their journey and have made the below initiatives.

    • 80% recycled cardboard in their packaging
    • Usage of Soy Ink
    • The fill in the plush made of 100% recycled water bottles
    • Only 50% of the Plush Line contains beads
    • Whenever beads are being used, they use reground beads (made of recycled materials) and/or a 50/50 combination of regrind beads and other eco-friendly ingredients

    Working on a biodegradable alternative to plastic inner packs