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Ooly Monster 6-Click Multi Color Pen

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You’re just clicks away from colorful writing and more with the Monster 6-Click Multi Color Pen!

  • Choose from six different colored pens in one. Just click the retractable pen and switch between red, purple, green, yellow, blue and black ink.

    Having this multi color pen is great because you can color coordinate your school notes and can even organize your planner or calendar using the different colored pens. Signing gift cards, writing notes to friends and anything else you write will burst with color.

  • 6 different colors (red, purple, green, yellow, blue, and back) in a single pen.
  • 4 different colors and designs.
  • Ooly loves creating products that help people of all ages smile, explore their imaginations and express themselves.
    Since 2005, they've been dreaming up all kinds of colorful, fresh and inspiring products like art kits and art supplies for kids full of unexpected delight. Seriously fun stuff to make your art space, creative space, school space or office space more fun. Whatever space you're in, you’re sure to find that something extra special to spark your creativity and express yourself to the world.

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