Thin Air Brands Nature Bound Metal Detector - Outdoor Toys


Detect metal objects such as coins, jewelry, or other types of hidden treasures with the Nature Bound Metal Detector.

  • This outdoor STEM toy is great for beach, lake, or backyard treasure hunting. This beginners metal detector is very easy to use and lightweight. It’s light enough for smaller children but tough enough for an adult. 

    Turn up the sensitivity for a small treasure. Turn down the sensitivity for a larger treasure.  LED flashing lights and beeping tones will signal when a treasure has been found. Simply scan the ground, grass, or sand and listen for the beep tones and LED lights flashing.

    • Ages 6+.
    • Measures 29" long.
    • Breaks down into three pieces for easy travel.

  • With children and grandchildren of their ThinAirBrands treats their customers as family. They value creativity, design and innovation. Their mission is to make truly awesome toys that will teach, entertain, and inspire.