Northern Lights Kendama

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Welcome to the Sweets Lab of Kendama!

  • They are constantly looking to push Kendama forward in terms of play and style. The Sweets Lab series do just that. Maple boost kens, cushion clear and amazing designs make these some of the best limited edition Kendamas available on the market.

    Sweets Kendamas dug into the entries from their 2018 contest "Design a Prime" and chose some new favorites! Back in 2018 they were hand painting each Kendama so their capabilities were limited, but now they can pull off almost any design. They are excited to bring you the first Community Kendama Series and they will be hosting another contest in the future to give you a chance to design your dream dama!

  • What is Kendama? This is a question that has no perfect answer. At first glance people think “ball in cup” or “it’s like a yoyo.” Surely no more than a toy. The reality is that Kendama is much more than that. Comparing it to “ball in cup” is like comparing checkers to chess. 

    Kendama is for everyone. It is a bridge between skaters and bmx riders, parents and kids, people of different ages, backgrounds, hobbies, sports, and cultures. It is its own language. Kendama creates connections that people remember forever. It is about the sharing of an experience, or a shared love. Kendama connects people.