Pail Pals


Stack them, spin them, and set them adrift!

Two star-shaped buddies and three colorful, wavy rings are waiting for little ones to dump them out of their pail and into hours of creative exploration.

Kids can stack them from big to small or small to big - But that's only the start. Try stacking rings on rings and stars on stars. Try balancing them precariously or see if you can discover a whole new creative configuration. - There's no wrong way to play!

Then - SPLASH! - Add these pals to the tub and the fun flows rapidly into an adventure. They float, they spin, and when kids fill up the pail, they can lift it high to see the water sprinkle like rain!

Friendly, colorful, and beautifully open-ended - Fun overflows the moment kids befriend the Pail Pals.

Pail Pals
Set of star-shaped buddies and wavy rings that stack, float, and spin
Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, exploration, imaginative play
Buckets of open-ended fun!
Star shapes feature fun, friendly smiles
Stack the rings and stars from big to small, small to big, or any way you want
All shapes float in water - Perfect for the bath or pool
Bucket features sturdy carrying handle, holes in the bottom for sprinkling water like rain
Includes bucket, 2 star friends, 3 wavy rings
BPA-Free, fully safety tested - Exceptionally safe for baby
High quality materials - Built for lasting durability

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