Poisons and Potions 2000 Piece Puzzle

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Take a glimpse inside this incredible larder, where potions, poisons, and strange creatures live!
  • A dragon, unicorn, owl and more besides sit amongst the strangely labeled bottles. Some of the bottled potions look quite safe - lavender oil, witch hazel, and rose water; but be very careful working with the Blood of the Undead, Sleeping Death Potion, Wormwood and Wolf's Bane.
    Escape the stresses of the day and enter your very own world of magic with this colorful and complex puzzle. High quality 2000 piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle. The finished puzzle measures 98 x 75cm when complete. Suitable for ages 12 years and up. Made from strong premium grade cardboard, with linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.

  • Ravensburger puzzles are designed to be a positive experience. Following with tradition, their puzzle dies are completely handmade from the grid design to the bending and forming of their steel tools; creating a perfect interlocking fit with no tearing or dust. No two pieces are ever the same shape! Extra-thick cardboard pieces mean your puzzle will last for years and our fine, linen-structured paper eliminates glare so you can really see the details.