Pop & Pass

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Hog Wild is reinventing the classic catch and pass game of the past... and the new name of the game is Pop and Pass!

  • Pop and pass is an exciting “no-throw” game of catch. Players use the lacrosse-style stick launchers to pass the soft foam balls back and forth. It's easy to load and launch. Just pull the handle back to load, then quickly push forward. When the ball goes flying there's an incredible “bloop” noise that adds to the fun! The basket scoop design makes it easy to catch the balls as they fly through the air.

    There are so many ways to play: pass it to your friend to play catch back and forth or blast it straight up for single player action. See how high and far you can launch the ball. How many times can you pass to each other before you miss? With more than one set, The open-ended play lets kids easily create their own action-packed games. Pop and pass provides endless outdoor fun for the family in the backyard, at the beach, at the park, at a picnic or on a camping trip - get your set today!

    • ages 5+

  • Hog Wild was founded in 1996 and they live by these simple rules:

    • They sell innovative novelty products typically geared to older kids (over 8) and that cross over to adults.
    • They try to be different and dance to their own beat when developing toys and gifts.
    • They’re not the brightest bulbs in the warehouse but they do try and often own up to their stupid mistakes.
    • They like things simple because it’s easier for them to understand.