Salt Crusher Monster Truck


Salt Crusher is a great educational science kit powered by salt water.

  • Equipped with four-wheel drive mechanical construction, the Salt Crusher easily handles different types of terrain with its twisted car body design. The transparent case design allows children to see the rhythm of the piston in a vertical or horizontal direction. Change the Salt Crusher's height and shape and enjoy its unique way of moving.

    • Build it yourself!
    • Salt Water Powered - No Batteries Needed
    • Product: 3.5 in. H x 4.5 in. L
    • Ages 8+
  • Elenco believes that engaging minds in the excitement of building a real electronic device or a real working machine - no matter how simple - will never go out of style. They are dedicated to creating affordable, safe and easy to use, educational toys that allow kids of all ages to use both sides of their brains and above all else, to Learn by doing®.