So Much Pun! Donuts Accents

I donut believe how cute these cut-outs are! These delicious-looking So Much Pun! Donut 6" Designer Cut-Outs feature sweet donuts with pink frosting topped with multicolored sprinkles.
  • The fun design can be used in a variety of ways at school, in the office, on a college campus, and elsewhere.

    Use these colorful donut cut-outs to create fun bulletin boards and projects with these themes:
    • "Donut worry, be happy" (to create a bulletin board about things students do that make them happy)
    • "Donut give up" (to create a growth mindset bulletin board about things students can do when they are feeling like giving up on a difficult task)
    • "Donut forget..." (to create a reminder center for important announcements or events)
    • "Donut stress. Do your best" to remind students to try their best)

    So Much Pun! is a décor collection that highlights the humorous use of words and phrases that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meaning. The SMP collection uses wordplay to bring a fun and lighthearted vibe to the classroom that students and teachers will love.
    • 36 pieces per package
    • Single design

    Coordinates with So Much Pun! products.

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