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This is not a typical stack-and-nest toy. The weirdly-shaped pieces can be stacked and arranged any way you want.

  • The vibrant colors are fascinating. The unique contours are inspiring! Nest them together, pull up on the smallest, and let your jaw will drop. The whole thing stretches into a tall, spiraling tower! It's like magic! Beautifully un-intuitive design inspires hours of tactile discovery with SpiroKu.

    • encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, experimentation, and creativity.
    • includes: 9 cylinders sized big to small
    • ages 3+

  • Not just any toy can be a “Fat Brain Toy” and they like it that way. Fat Brain doesn’t sell the licensed, violent, disposable toys being sold at most major retailers. What you will find instead is a curated collection of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that both entertain AND educate.