Staycation Kit: Mindfulness


Spending time at home this week? We have hand-selected the perfect things to help keep you and your family calm and present.

  • Our Mindfulness Kit includes:

    • Calm Presence SCENTsory Putty - Discover just how amazing SCENTsory putty can make you feel
    • Chime Hearts - Little hearts with a sweet chime sound: The perfect way to show those you love how special they are to you.  We will pick the perfect one for you!
    • Mindful Kids CardsHelp your children be kind, focused, and calm
    • Buddha Board - Live in the moment and enjoy the freedom of endless creation

    * If we need to substitute an item, we promise you will love it!

  • Think of this time home together as a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one hangout time with your children. 

    We are here for you as a resource for quality educational and recreational items. Let's all get creative and continue learning opportunities! This is a great time for everyone in the family to learn together and even give the kids more responsibility around the house. Contact us if you need some age-appropriate ideas!